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Rich Evans

finished2Rich Evans is the founder of REFIT Health & Fitness. Having trained with Premier International and worked at Fitness First, he now offers personal training and nutritional advice in Chichester and the surrounding areas.

“I was never the sporty talented one at school – usually the last tubby kid standing in the playground when the captains picked their teams! (Ah bless, get the violins out!)

I was a bit overweight (Thanks Mum for all those cooked breakfasts and cakes for tea!) and had always battled with keeping weight off, even in to my adult life. Whilst my love of sport has always been there, my love of healthy living developed later in life as I got older and realised I should be taking more care of myself.

So if you are a little hesitant and wondering if personal training is for you or you aren’t sure that you can shift that weight and get fit, I know how you feel. It CAN be done and it CAN be fun!! I’d love to help you.”

"I was never the sporty, talented one at school – usually therich evans last tubby kid standing in the playground when the captains picked their teams!"

- Rich

- Diploma in Advanced Personal Training
(Premier Training)

- Certificate in Advanced Personal Training
Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS) Level 3

- Certificate in Gym Instruction
Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS) Level 2

- Certificate in Nutritional Advice for Weight Management

- Emergency First Aid at Work Certificate